Chapter on Spectrum to Unlash Machine-to-Machine Uptake

Posted on April 27, 2015

Our book chapter on "Spectrum to Unlash Machine-to-Machine Uptake", co-authored by Yue Gao of the Antennas Group, appears in "Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing and White Space Access: The Practical Reality", published by Wiley and to be available from May 2015.


Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies are expected to provide the underlying connectivity in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Various industries have recognized the importance of designing a reliable, ubiquitous and seamless connectivity technologies with very different success to date. Whilst most emphasis has been placed in technologies which operate in the ISM bands, such as Zigbee, low-power Wi-Fi and low power wide area network, we argue that the most favourable conditions for industry-compliant M2M market can be found in the licensed bands. However, support from regulators on the TV white space (TVWS) spectrum for license exempt use could potentially unleash M2M uptake. To this end, in this chapter, we give a detailed overview of available M2M technologies, related standards organizations and regulators. We discuss specific challenges related to M2M and spectrum regulations and usage.