The Antennas Group members are actively involved in outreach and public engagement initiatives set by QML and the School. We contribute to general public media articles and publications targeted at school and colleges locally and nationally.

More on the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science public engagement activities can be found on the School's public engagement page.


Outreach Activities

The Antennas group regularly organise seminars, conferences, workshops and short courses on various technical topics related to our research, as well as arrange various outreach events to promote both our research and science, engineering and technology in general.

Lectures for Schools

The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science run a series of free lectures for schools on electronic engineering and computer science topics, in which the Antennas group is actively participating.

Media Appearances

Members of the Antennas group frequently interact with the media, explaining our research and offering expert opinions on items in the news. Our research is featured in both mainstream and industry media on a regular basis.