Media Appearances

April-May 2014: A collaboration with BAE Systems featured in a number of articles online, including:, "BAE Systems Defies Physics with its Metamaterial Antenna Lens";, "Metamaterial Flat Panel Antenna Developed"; and The Engineer, "Flat antenna paves way for more aerodynamic aircraft"

Jan 2014: "Perfect Surface Wave Cloaks" highlighted by Nature Materials, "Rough with the smooth".

Nov 2013: Electronics Weekly, “Scientists create 'perfect solution' to iron out kinks in surfaces”; see also video below:


Aug 2013: Antennas academics interviewed by Faculti Media on our latest research regarding reconfigurable antennas for Cognitive Radio applications:

Jan 2013: Press release, University of Cambridge, “Graphene: Taking the wonder-stuff from dream to reality”.

May 2012: Electronics Weekly, “Personal body networks go wireless at 2.4GHz”.

Feb 2012: Our paper titled "Characterization of MB–OFDM–Based Ultra Wideband Systems for Body–Centric Wireless Communications" has been cited in an article on VerticalNews.

Jan 2012: Antennas academic (Dr Alomainy) interviewed by Aljazeera English as part of their feature on the making of invisibility science a reality.

July 2011: Photonics, “QUEST Begins for Improved Electromagnetic Manipulation”.

July 2011: The Telegraph and Argus article about the Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award given to Dr Alomainy at the 2011 British Science Festival in Bradford. 

Oct. 2010: Spotlights in Optics, “FDTD analysis of the optical black hole”.

Sept. 2009: Engineering News, “Latest implanted medical devices antennas”.

Oct. 2008: Interview by IET E&T magazine on Wearable Electronics, “Catwalk goes techno”.

May 2008: Interview by the Engineer.

Autumn 2007: Interviewed by Environmental Engineering, “Making Waves”.

Nov. 2006: Interview by the Engineer on wearable wireless systems, "Switched On"

June/July 2003: Feature article by Helen Duncan, Microwave Engineering Europe, "Technology Focus on antennas and photonic bandgap structures".

Sept. 2001: Interview by Sara Sowah, EE Times, "Microstrip antenna array suits broadband comms".