Quasi-optics and Millimetre-wave/THz Antennas and Devices

Since the late 1980s, the Group has built up a considerable reputation for work in millimetre-wave antennas, both in measurements and theory. The group was subcontracted to undertake the measurements for both the engineering and flight models of the Advanced Meteorological Sounding Unit B (AMSU-B), a mm-wave radiometer designed to monitor temperature and humidity in the upper atmosphere. These were completed successfully and the system is now in operation. With the increasing need to move up in frequency, there are many aspects of Microwave research that need to be explored and advanced.

The group was a major contributor to an ESTEC study entitled "Millimetre Wave Antenna Testing Techniques" concerned with the measurement of large spacecraft antennas designed to operate up to 1.5 THz. The outcome of this project led to a further area of research and the development of a new millimetre-wave antenna measurement system supported by EPSRC. Moving to the small scale, we believe that one of the next major advances in millimetre and sub-millimetre wave antennas will be the integration of arrays of active antennas on a single silicon, or GaAs, substrate. This technology is especially well-suited for sub-millimetre/millimetre frequencies, which are the most promising bands for future communication links, Wireless LAN, space scientific and earth observation instruments and other applications, such as automotive collision avoidance radar. The group is presently active in this area, aided by the support of ESTEC.



Research activities

Our recent work related to quasi-optics at mm-wave and TH led to the following research activities:

Powerful THz quasi-optical (QO) continuous wave (CW) sources

QO CW THz Sources. It is the recently EPSRC funded project on creating a powerful THz source using an array of non-linear antennas combined with multipliers. One of the major features is a utilisation of light sensitive semi-conductors (in collaboration with SPA) to control frequency selective surfaces and fine tuning of the system instead of conventional dielectrics.

Design and development of QO passive and active systems for mm and sub-mm wave systems

Our group has been involved as a sub-contractor (other collaborators include such names as RAL, Queen's Belfast, Astrium UK) in the recent ESA activity on design and prototyping of a quasi-optical network for mm-wave sounders, which will be a part of the next generation of meteorological satellites. Activity includes design of many QO elements such as feeds, mirrors and a network as a whole.

Effective THz emission and antennas (in collaboration with Russian Academy of Science)

This work is concentrating on physical parameters characterisation, mainly performed in our THz lab and, partially, in SPA. Materials under consideration include new types of semiconductors and semiconductors, grown with absolutely novel structural composition. It is very promising research as it is expected to increase magnitude of THz generation at least by order comparing to conventional GaAs crystals

Propagation and interaction of non-conventional Gaussian Beam modes in THz and optical domain

This research (in collaboration with King's College) is in its initial stages and makes only first steps but intended to deliver new theoretical knowledge on non-conventional Gaussian modes propagation as well as to investigate a possibilities of abnormal object scattering illuminated by such modes from optical to microwaves domains.

Monolithic Millimeter-Submillimeter Wave Active Conical Horn Antenna Arrays

The main objective of the work was to characterise and implement a monolithic active conical horn antenna array for millimetre/submillimetre wave imaging applications. Imaging arrays can be used as millimetre wave cameras that allow one to see through human clothing for concealed weapon detection, as well as radio astronomy instruments for all weather conditions. For some time now, researches have been very active in California Institution of Technology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and TRW in USA. The work in UK started in late 90s with a project partially funded by ESTEC at Queen Mary, University of London. This fast stream fund has allowed that the innovation is continued in this area. In addition, the project has helped more novel approaches developed on a local distorted nonorthogonal Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method, to strengthen and expand the UK position in this field.


Highlights and Research Outcomes

We recently (May 2016) organised and hosted the EPSRC-funded one-day Workshop on "THz Sources for Security, Non-Destructive Testing, Communication and Earth Observation Applications". Presentations from the event are now available.

Selected Research Grants and Projects

Selected Recent Publications

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