General Purpose Anechoic Chamber

The microwave and millimetre-wave anechoic chamber, measuring 9 m x 3 m x 3 m, is used for the measurement of radiation characteristics of feeds and millimetre-wave antennas up to 325 GHz. The chamber can be used for different purposes. The entire length of the chamber can be used for far-field antenna pattern measurements. When divided into two parts by means of absorbing panels, two ranges can be used at the same time.

In one part, the NSI three-axis Cartesian near-field scanner is located, for near-field to far-field antenna beam pattern measurements or for surface-wave measurements. In the second area of the partitioned anechoic chamber various EM experiments (wireless localisation systems, on-body communication systems, etc.) can be carried out within the screening provided by the absorbing panels of the anechoic chamber up to 100 GHz. Far-field patterns of horn antennas, as well as novel mm-wave antennas designed in the course of our research, have been measured in this chamber.

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