Prof Anthony Brown's Seminar


Antennas in Advanced Applications: Horizon Watching with a 50-year Perspective

The Centre for Electronics and the Antennas & EM Research Group at QMUL were pleased and privileged to host a seminar by Prof Anthony Brown looking 50 years back on Antennas & EM research for various applications that shaped the world of wireless and satellite communication as we know them today. Tony also provided a 50-year look ahead perspective on how new technologies and conceptsimage-20240315175950-2.jpeg would revolutionise the work of wireless communications.

Seminar Summary

Which areas in antennas will have a significant impact in 50-years' time? For that matter what was happening 50-years ago that influences what we do today? Although sometimes considered a niche technology, antennas are now ubiquitous and a key part of wireless technologies. Increased emphasis on, for example, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and spectrum utilization makes their design even more important. In some ways antenna requirements are heavily influenced by both societal and application needs. On the other hand disruptive technologies lead us down new pathways for their usage. So what can the past tell us about the future in our technology?

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