Antennas Group Receives QMUL S&E Research Excellence Award 2022

Posted on 2022-12-16 10:35:00

During the QMUL Science and Engineering Faculty Celebration Award 2022, the Antennas & EM Research Group received the Research Excellence Award for the innovative, impactful, and world-class research activities that take place within our group with significant translational elements working with funders and partners across the board and both national and international collaborators. This is built on the legacy created by outstanding researchers current and past starting from building the group by the late Prof Peter Clarricoats in 1968 and the solid foundation in metrology led by Prof Clive G. Parini. This is a great testimony of the brilliant and excellent work of colleagues within the group, supported by amazing technical and professional services staff and talented researchers producing world-leading output and impact!

The last 12 months especially have been amazing for the group with grants successes, infrastructure funds, new equipment, and on top of all that academics, researchers, and technical staff always aiming for excellence!