Book on FDTD modelling of metamaterials

Posted on 2008-12-01 17:28:00

A book, "FDTD Modeling of Metamaterials: Theory and Applications", co-edited by Prof Yang Hao with Prof. Raj Mittra of Pennsylvania State University, USA, has been published by Artech House. "Artificial metamaterials have made a huge splash in antenna, microwave, and optics engineering, thanks to their extraordinary electromagnetic properties. And now, modeling their unique characteristics and behaviors in electromagnetic systems just got easier. This one-stop resource gives engineers powerful finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) techniques for modeling metamaterials, complete with applications and time-saving sample FDTD scripts. This comprehensive volume provides how-to guidance in a wide range of areas that are critical to antenna design, from computing dispersion diagrams and verifying characterizing the interface of metamaterial slabs. The book also reviews electromagnetic metamaterial basics and FDTD essentials, providing the foundation needed to fully understand the material."