Book on Planar Near Field Measurements

Posted on 2008-01-07 11:51:00

A book, "Principles of Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements", co-authored by Prof Clive Parini, together with Antennas Group collaborators Stuart Gregson and John McCormick, has been published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology in December 2007. 

"This single volume provides a comprehensive introduction and explanation of both the theory and practice of Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements , from its basic postulates and assumptions, to the intricacies of its deployment in complex and demanding measurement scenarios. To do this the book initially examines the properties of antennas that allow them to enhance the free space interaction of electronic systems and this leads into a full description of the theory of Planar Near-Field Scanning . The utility of the planar methodology is illustrated with example measurement campaigns that include discussion of the characterisation of a wide range of antennas. Advanced techniques including back transforms and poly-planar scan techniques, plus error assessment and correction, are examined and explained along with an extensive review of data assessment methodologies. A large number of near-field facilities exist worldwide but, to the authors' knowledge, no single text provides a clear step-by-step description of all the details of the Planar Near-Field Measurement Technique . All three authors have spent a significant proportion of their professional careers involved with antenna measurements and the aim of this text is to provide the reader with a complete, comprehensive and practical text that will act as a single reference for all aspects of the measurement technique."