Numerically Controlled PCB Plotter

The group have established an in-house printed antenna and PCB fabrication capability, begnining in 2007 when a PCB prototyping product was purchased from the company LPKF, which offers a product line ranging from entry-level systems to advanced systems for complex circuitry and special applications. In addition to equipment, LPKF provides customers with comprehensive process knowledge and know-how, starting with CAD data and ending with a completely assembled SMD board.

The LPKF ProtoMat X60 offers the best of both worlds - a rapid PCB prototyping plotter on one hand and a versatile production drilling and routing system on the other. The large table holds panel sizes of 650 mm x 530 mm (26” x 21”). The X60 is equipped with pneumatic Z-stroke and a non-contact air bearing depth limiter.

The extended Z-axis range enables de-panelling and milling of deep trenches for rigid and rigid-flex boards. The ProtoMat X60 is also ideal for producing anti-static inspection templates for circuit boards.



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