Antennas Guest Speaker Seminar: Millimetre-Wave as a Key New Element in 5G Cellular Networks


Presenter Howard Benn, Head of Standards and Industrial Relations for Samsung Electronics R&D Institute, UK


As the mobile telecommunications industry starts wide-scale deployment of LTE-Advanced systems, it is time to start the research and development of the next generation of the mobile internet - 5G. The exact definition of 5G is still open; like all the previous generational steps, it will consist of many elements, from a move to a virtualised core network, to a new air interface. This talk will consider the pressures on the current LTE-based systems, and investigate the possibility of using the 27-40 GHz band from theory, to channel measurements and an introduction the Samsung’s demonstrator system. Finally, it will provide challenges to the research community for areas we need more work in.


Howard started his career in the fixed telecommunication sector (Plessey) back in 1982, did his degree and PhD at Bradford University, moving into radio based communications in 1989. As one of the fathers of GSM, he started working in ETSI GSM standards committees in 1993, helping create 3GPP and chairing 3GPP RAN 4 from 1998 to 2007. He has been a board member of ETSI since 2008, a member of the ICANN Nomcom in 2013, and a member of the Strategy Advisory Board for the UK 5G innovation centre at Surrey University. His current role is “Head of Standards and Industrial Relations” for Samsung Electronics R&D Institute in the UK, managing a team of engineers covering ETSI, 3GPP, ATSC, GSMA. His team are also very active in the EU Horizon 2020 program with a focus on the 5G PPP activities.


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