Antennas Guest Speaker Seminar: THz Micromachined Meta-surfaces and High-gain Antennas


Presenter Dr Alexandros Feresidis, Senior Lecturer in Communications Engineering, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK


Terahertz (THz) frequencies offer new opportunities for communications, sensing and imaging applications. These include multi-Gigabit/s short range communication links as well as highly resolution sensing and imaging, such as medical and security scanning systems. However, high performance THz components are yet to be developed for efficient, compact and reliable systems to be produced. An important requirement for developing viable wireless communication systems at the emerging THz bands is the use of high gain antennas which will significantly improve the overall system gain and enhance the signal-to-noise-ratio. In addition to communications, THz high-gain and high-efficiency antennas are a major requirement in a number of sensing and imaging applications. Reflector-based antennas and horn antennas have been used at higher mm-wave frequencies with good radiation performance. However, planar antennas are required for compact systems and for introducing additional functionalities, such as beam scanning. In addition, planar antennas are readily compatible with micromachining techniques which lead to low-cost fabrication.

Meta-surfaces are periodic arrangements of passive metallic elements and have successfully been used in the past for the design of high performance planar antennas at mm-waves. In this contribution, we present the design of multi-layer periodic surfaces for planar high-gain antennas and the implementation of a 300GHz high gain antenna developed using micromachined metalized SU8 polymer surfaces. 


Dr Alexandros Feresidis is a Senior Lecturer in Communications Engineering at the University of Birmingham and a Royal Academy of Engineering/The Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow (2013/2014). He leads research on electromagnetic metamaterial structures and their applications on antennas,  microwave, mm-wave and THz circuits. He is an expert on the analysis and design of artificial periodic metamaterials, electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures and frequency selective surfaces (FSS), high-gain and base station antennas, leaky wave antennas, small/compact antennas, computational electromagnetics, microwave/mm-wave/THz circuits and medical imaging systems. He has authored three book chapters on artificial electromagnetic surfaces and has published over 120 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. He has also presented a number of invited papers and seminars in international conferences and European PhD schools, He has been a member of organising and technical committees and chaired sessions in international conferences. He is a regular reviewer for several IEEE, IET and IoP journals and he is a member of the UK EPSRC Peer Review College. His research has been funded primarily by EPSRC, MRC and Industry.


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